Delicious Chocolate-Based Treats to Serve at Your Christmas Gathering

Our goal at every holiday season – including the highly anticipated Christmas season – is to bring the best Italian treats to the table.

How do we do this? By using only seasonal ingredients to ensure each dessert we craft is of the highest quality.

And we’ve developed a reputation for that! And included in our reputation is our creation of delectable chocolate-infused treats that are sure to appeal to any palate.

This Christmas season, why not serve up some of these delicious chocolately treats for the sweet tooth in your family or circle of friends!

Baci di Dama

Cute little bite-sized delectables, Baci di Dama are a chocolate delight. These treats are made with hazelnut domes that are sandwiched together and filled with bittersweet chocolate. The name “baci di dama” translates to “lady’s kisses” and comes from the cookie’s resemblance to two lips giving someone a kiss.

Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Classic biscotti dunked in chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate chips are a classic Italian treat. No need to have to convince anyone to try these delicious snacks!

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread

These buttery long shortbreads dipped in chocolate make the ultimate treat no matter what time of the year you happen to be enjoying them. Any true chocolate lover will drool over these sweet treats. The shortbread is delicious on its own, but when dunked in chocolate, the flavour factor goes through the roof!


How can anyone possibly deny sinking their teeth into a donut filled with Nutella! Sprinkled with a light dusting of powdered sugar over top, chocolate-filled bombe is a staple in holiday treats. They’re shaped like cannonballs, hence the name “bombe.” And the explosion of flavour makes the name of these treats even more relevant!

Nutella Crostata

Crostata “alla Nutella” celebrates the marriage of buttery and crusty short-bread style crust with the sweetness and richness of the infamous chocolate-hazelnut spread. A spin on the classic Italian jam crostata or fruit crostata, this particular recipe blends two delicious flavours and textures to create a magnificent dessert fit for a king.

With these desserts on hand, there will certainly be no shortage of unsatisfied bellies. Treat yourself and your guests to any of these chocolate-inspired desserts from Sweet Boutique. Call and order yours for the holiday!

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Anthony is a passionate, friendly, and seasoned pastry chef who’s travelled to some of the remotest and even well-known parts of Italy specifically to learn about different types of Italian pastries. His objective was to learn everything he could about Italian sweets including how they’re prepared, the origins of each iconic delicacy, as well as their cultural, historical, and religious significance.