Delicious Italian Cakes and Pastries to Bring to Your Next Get-Together This Summer

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There’s nothing quite like having a summer potluck or a picnic complete with delicious foods and delicious homemade cakes in Woodbridge. While not all pastries and cakes are appropriate to bring to a BBQ or exclusively outdoor summertime party, there are a few delectable and irresistible light-tasting sweets that are sure to be a huge hit at your next event!

Popular Summertime Italian Treats to Help You Beat the Heat!

Sometimes, after a delicious savoury meal, you need a little something to nibble on to refresh your taste buds without resulting in sensory overload. Especially in the summer heat, the last thing you want is a decadent and heavy dessert. Instead, you might be craving something light, airy, creamy, sweet, or even a little tart. Here are just a few awesome ideas that Sweet Boutique, a local sweet shop in Woodbridge, can recommend to satisfy your summer sweet tooth!

Italian Coffee Cakes

Italian coffee cakes are considered a special delicacy that can only be made with authentic and fresh ingredients. Of course, that means that by nature, coffee cakes are versatile desserts that can adapt to the time of year. In the summertime, coffee cakes feature ingredients that are in season such as fresh-picked blueberries, lemons, and cherries. If you prefer a nuttier confection, pistachios are in season all year round and they’re usually a crowd favourite at big get-togethers. Marble coffee cake is also a good choice if you want to make a good first impression at your next summer cookout. Whether you want to pair it with your morning coffee, save it for dessert after lunch, or indulge in it as an evening snack; Italian coffee cake is a pure delight for everyone to enjoy!

Cassata Siciliana

Originating in the Sicilian region of Palermo, this colourful and tasty Italian delicacy contains only the freshest fruit juices that are soaked into a delicious and soft sponge cake. Layers of creamy ricotta cheese and chocolate chips are added to give it an even more delicious flavour and then the top of the cake is adorned in marzipan and an array of gorgeous light-coloured designs of your choice. Cassata is usually topped with candied fruit and citrus, but that’s optional depending on your personal tastes.


Pastafrola is a delicious, light, and sweet tart that almost resembles a pie because of the way it’s designed with intersecting ribbons on top. It’s traditionally made with seasonal fruit, usually around August. There are many standalone fruit fillings and toppings as well as combinations of fruit that can be added to this tasty dessert depending on what’s currently in season. Organic peaches, plumbs, apricots, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are usually a staple for this high-end and enjoyable dish.

Where to Get Scrumptious Italian Desserts in Vaughan

Sweet Boutique is a picturesque Italian dessert shop located in the heart of Vaughan, Ontario. Our yummy traditional Italian treats are the perfect addition to any formal or informal gathering, whether it’s with friends, family, or both. When our customers walk through our doors, they can be expected to be greeted with a warm, welcoming smile, the fresh aroma of our latest creations, and a tasty delicacy. We specialize in a large variety of Italian desserts including cakes, tarts, cookies, and much more. To place an order from Sweet Boutique or to learn about the baking classes we offer, please contact us today.

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Anthony Macri

Anthony Macri

Anthony is a passionate, friendly, and seasoned pastry chef who’s travelled to some of the remotest and even well-known parts of Italy specifically to learn about different types of Italian pastries. His objective was to learn everything he could about Italian sweets including how they’re prepared, the origins of each iconic delicacy, as well as their cultural, historical, and religious significance.