Delightful Italian Treats Featuring the Freshest Fruit This Season

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Even though it’s already August, the feeling of summer is still lingering in the air and there’s no better time of year to indulge in all the delicious seasonal sweets available in Ontario than right now. When visiting your favourite local sweet shop in Woodbridge, don’t be afraid to ask them upfront which fruit are currently in season and when they receive their shipments. To ensure that you’re getting the freshest and most scrumptious Italian sweets in Woodbridge, here’s a helpful guide describing what’s currently in season during the month of August in Ontario.

Mixed Berries

So many popular Italian summertime pastries call for a variety of berries, especially blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. All of those are in season throughout the summer and the best part is that they can be incorporated in a number of delicious traditional Italian sweet treats. From irresistible blueberry crostatas to frutti de bosco adorned with mixed berries and light powdered sugar on top, there’s nothing more satisfying after eating a hearty meal than following it up with a light and flavourful dessert. Cheesecake with an assortment of mix berries on top is usually a big hit at get-togethers, but if you’re looking for something that’ll last for long hours outdoors or without needing to be refrigerated, then sponge cake, coffee cake, or even bombe (Italian donuts) are your best bet.


In many ways, August is the month of peaches. Not only are peaches in season this month, but there are also two international holidays commemorating their existence: August 22nd is Eat a Peach Day and August 24th is Peach Pie Day! In honour of both holidays, it’s only fitting to indulge your taste buds in a delectable, creamy vanilla pastafrola pastry with a crumbly crust and sweet organic peaches on top covered in a sugary glaze. Actually, you probably don’t even need a special occasion to indulge in this enticing dessert because just looking at it will be enough to make your mouth water!


Apricots are another summertime favourite fruit. Whether they’re serving as the main ingredient, a complementary ingredient, or a garnish for your dessert, these sharp-tasting, yet extremely flavourful fruit are perfect for people who prefer their confections to be a little more savoury than sweet. Pastafrola with an apricot jam and vanilla sponge cake strikes just the right balance between sweet and tart for those who prefer a mix of both.

Reward Your Taste Buds with the Help of Sweet Boutique

Sweet Boutique is local sweet shop in Vaughan that specializes in creating aesthetically pleasing, mouth-watering traditional and modern Italian pastries. Our expertise ranges from cakes to cookies to pies and everything in between. It is our mission to always serve the freshest Italian sweets and desserts in Woodbridge, so you can be sure that all our seasonal desserts are made with fresh, local ingredients. To order one of our specialty desserts for your next event, please contact us or call us at 905-851-8388.

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Anthony Macri

Anthony Macri

Anthony is a passionate, friendly, and seasoned pastry chef who’s travelled to some of the remotest and even well-known parts of Italy specifically to learn about different types of Italian pastries. His objective was to learn everything he could about Italian sweets including how they’re prepared, the origins of each iconic delicacy, as well as their cultural, historical, and religious significance.