Perfect Sweet Treats That Go Divinely With Espresso Coffee This Holiday Season!

Coffee has a unique flair for going very well with all sorts of sweet treats. But there are certain pastry delicacies that are perfectly suited for coffee, particularly espresso. If you want to sample some of the best treats-and-espresso pairings and serve them to your guests this holiday season, dive into any one of the following desserts today!

Sfoglia Cake

Delicious and delicate, Sfoglia cake is an incredibly delicious sweet treat that pairs extremely well with espresso coffee. Made with layers of flaky puff pastry and lined with fresh cream, Sfoglia cake is a delicacy that Italians swoon over.

Amaretto Cookies

Small, cute cookies that mimic the look of macaroons, Amaretto cookies are absolutely perfect to dunk in a shot of espresso. They’re interestingly crunchy on the outside yet surprisingly chewy on the inside, making them a truly unique treat. They’re as light as air yet heavy in flavour. The Amaretto flavour pairs extremely well with the taste of coffee, making them two peas in a pod.

Almond Biscotti

A classic Italian cookie, almond biscotti are long, crunchy cookies that resemble slices of flattened bread. In fact, before they’re sliced up into individual biscotti, the “loaf” certainly does look a lot like an oversized loaf of bread. Once the biscotti are all sliced up, they’re popped back into the oven to toast the biscotti and give them their delicious texture. Typically sprinkled with slivered almonds and sometimes dipped in chocolate, these cookies go very well with espresso.

Pastry Cream Tart

Known among Italians as “torta della nonna” (translated “grandmother’s cake”), pastry cream tart is a classic Italian treat that’s characterized by its crispy texture and flavourful pastry dough shell. Inside, you’ll find a creamy egg and milk custard, and on the outside, you’ll find pine nuts and powdered sugar to complete this delicious sweet treat. Whip yourself up a cup of espresso and you’ve got a dessert fit for a king this holiday season.


This dessert might have a very short ingredients list, but its flavour is far from simple. This classic Italian dessert consists of layers of ladyfinger cookies soaked in espresso coffee and brandy, then layered with mascarpone cheese and sprinkles of cocoa. It’s soft and creamy and melts in your mouth.

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Anthony is a passionate, friendly, and seasoned pastry chef who’s travelled to some of the remotest and even well-known parts of Italy specifically to learn about different types of Italian pastries. His objective was to learn everything he could about Italian sweets including how they’re prepared, the origins of each iconic delicacy, as well as their cultural, historical, and religious significance.