Celebrate Canada Day with treats from Sweet Boutique!


June is coming to a close very soon and it means that it’s almost time to celebrate Canada Day! On July 1st, throughout the nation Canadians will be rocking the flag’s colours and shooting colourful fireworks in the air. Such an exciting day calls for delicious treats to enjoy, that’s why we’ve listed these delectable and delightful treats to celebrate Canada Day!


Red Velvet Cake

Our Red Velvet Cake is deliciously chocolatey, moist, and sweet. This classic cake is perfect for celebrating Canada Day because it flaunts the colours red and white just like the Canadian flag. It’s made fresh with a fluffy cream cheese icing then topped with red chocolate buttons and red velvet crumbs.


Strawberry Naked Cake

Not only is our Strawberry Naked Cake juicy, sweet, and airy, but it also sports the colours red and white! Every bite of this cake is juicy from the slivers of strawberries and crisp from the crumbly sfoglia layers. Make this Canada Day extra special by adding whip on top for an extra $5!


Butter Tarts

Let’s begin with a quintessentially Canadian dessert known as the Butter Tart. Its originally date back to the early 1900s in Quebec. It’s a decadent dessert made on a flaky pastry shell with a filling made from butter, sugar, syrup, and egg. It’s thrown in the oven and is baked until the top is crisp and caramelized. Every bite of our butter tart is met with a crunch and an ooey-gooey centre.



You’re probably wondering why we’re listing croissants for Canada Day. Well, what do croissants and Canada have in common? If you take a look back at history, you’ll see that both croissants and Canada share roots with France! We offer a variety of flaky and buttery croissants perfect for any time of day.


Are you craving something more savoury?

Enjoy our plain croissant with a bit of butter or our croissant with prosciutto! It’s perfect as a quick breakfast before a road trip or a midday snack on the beach!


Maybe you have more of a sweet tooth

Try our croissants filled with cream, chocolate, almond, or pistachio! It’s the best way to end off a barbeque or a patio dinner!


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