Celebrate the Holidays the Right Way with Tasty Gourmet Cookie Trays

With the holidays approaching and life getting somewhat back to normal, we can start to expect some holiday parties again! Whether it be office parties, family get-togethers, or secret Santa gatherings with friends, we're sure everyone’s ready to party!


Well, here at Sweet Boutique, we have the perfect holiday treats for any holiday occasion! Our Gourmet Cookie Trays are filled with authentic Italian cookies and sure to be a hit at any party. Here’s what makes them so special.

Perfect for Any Gathering

The best part about our Gourmet Cookie trays is that they come in a variety of sizes for any kind of gathering, whether it be a small get-together with family or a huge corporate event. Our trays start at 1 pound of cookies, going up to 9 pounds of cookies! Now that is a lot of cookies ready to feed a lot of people. The trays range from $36 CAD to $297 CAD. You can order them here!

We also have our Gourmet Holiday Trays and a Chiacchiere Holiday Trays for $45 per pound. These trays include puff pastry cookies, fig-filled cookies, chocolate-dipped figs, and more. You can count on these trays being a hit!

Real and Authentic Italian Cookies

The reason why these trays are such a hit every holiday season is because of the cookies! Each cookie is authentically Italian with flavours straight from Italy. All the cookies are also freshly handmade for an assortment of great-tasting cookies.

Some of the cookies included are almond amaretti cookies, walnut cookies, chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies, halfmoon cookies, crest cookies, caramel cookies, biscotti, baci cookies, bocconotti, angioletti, Nutella pastries, Sambuca cookies, and so many more Italian-styled cookies!

Gluten-Free Options

We have gluten-free options available for our cookie trays! A wide variety of our cookies are almond-based and made with almond flour, so everyone can enjoy them at the party. You can do an entire gluten-free tray or just select a few almond cookies - it's up to you! But trust us, you won’t even believe there’s no gluten in sight - they’re THAT good!

Order Online Today!

Order any of our gourmet cookie trays this holiday season online at and keep an eye out for more holiday goodies coming soon! 

We provide fast and free shipping within Toronto and the GTA when you spend over $40. So, what are you waiting for? Order today!