Get Creative This Halloween with Sweet Boutique’s Build-Your-Own Donut Kit

Looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids this weekend? Look no further because Sweet Boutique has just the thing! Our hands-on Halloween Donut Kit is perfect for keeping kids busy, creative, and in the Halloween spirit.


Sweet Boutique’s Halloween Donut Kit

Our Halloween Donut kit is the perfect family activity. There’s no better way to spend time with family than getting messy and creative! 

Or share the fun with friends! Send our Halloween Donut Kit to some of your friends and their families for a virtual donut party! Have fun decorating at a distance! Once you decorate the donuts, you can eat them, freeze them, or hand them out to some of your trick-or-treaters!

What’s Included

Our create-your-own donut kit includes a dozen mini donuts, vanilla, chocolate, and cream cheese frosting, an assortment of candy toppings and chocolates, chocolate eyeballs, an assortment of plastic Halloween toppers, and a large scary skeleton plate!

Decorating Tips

Take everything out of the package but leave the plain donuts on your skeleton plate. Grab about two or three medium-sized bowls and pour each candy, for example, the sprinkles, into their own bowl.

Next, grab a butterknife and whichever frosting flavour you want to use. Now, scoop some frosting up with your knife and evenly spread it on top of one of the donuts, then dunk it into the sprinkles. 

Once you dunked your donut into your preferred candy, top with a chocolate eyeball or a plastic pumpkin.

Repeat with the rest of the donuts, dunking into different candies and chocolates and using different flavoured frostings. Enjoy! 

Creative Donut Decoration Ideas

You and your kids can create your own donut designs, or you can use some of our fun ideas! Check out what kind of creations we made by following us on Instagram @sweetboutiquewb or click here to watch Anthony, our head pastry cheftake you through his own creative process with our Donut Kit!

How to Freeze Leftover Donuts

Here’s the best way to freeze your donuts so your designs stay intact and the donuts stay fresh.

Start by lining a metal cookie sheet with wax paper. Lay your donuts out on the sheet – ensure none are touching each other and the frosting side is facing up. 

Place the cookie sheet in the freezer with nothing touching the donuts. Allow the donuts to freeze for about 3 to 5 hours or until completely frozen. You can also leave them in overnight.

Once the donuts are frozen completely, remove the cookie sheet from the freezer, and with a spatula, release each donut from the cookie sheet. 

Quickly and gently transfer the donuts to a plastic freezer bag or container with the date you froze them labeled on the front. Ensure none of the donuts thaw out while doing this, and all excess air is released from the bag.

Place the bag or container back into the freezer and freeze for up to three months. To eat, thaw donuts on the counter in a container completely. Then, voila, they’re good as new – enjoy!

If freezing your donuts, we suggest decorating and freezing them on the day of purchase for maximum freshness. 

Order Online Today!

Order our Halloween Donut Kit here for $35 to make this Halloween a special one for you and your kids!

We provide fast and free shipping within Toronto and the GTA when you spend over $50, so grab two and give one to a friend or neighbour! 

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!