Indulge in These Delicious Fall Desserts this Thanksgiving

When you think Thanksgiving, you think family, turkey, stuffing, fall leaves, pumpkins, and of course… dessert! Would it even be considered Thanksgiving without it? Definitely not! So, make sure you grab one or more of these yummy fall desserts from Sweet Boutique, and your family can thank us later!


Pumpkin Pie

The most popular Thanksgiving dessert! With a warm, creamy centre and a crisp outer shell, your tastebuds will be doing a happy dance. There’s no wonder pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving staple; people love that perfectly spiced pumpkin flavour. If you want your dessert to be the talk of the weekend, we highly recommend picking up one of our pumpkin pies today! We bake them fresh all season long, so don’t worry, all the pumpkin spice lovers out there can get their fix – even after Thanksgiving! 


Apple Crostata

Okay, we know apple pies are the traditional fall dessert, and because of this, we have hot and fresh apple pies available daily! But, have you heard of its Italian cousin, the Apple Crostata? They are the most traditional Italian pastries out there, filled with real fruit and jam to resemble a mix between a pie and a tart. You will not regret bringing this dessert to Thanksgiving as guests will rave over its creamy and flakey texture after just one bite! Pick one up from Sweet Boutique this fall season to add some Italian culture to your dessert table!


Pecan Tarts

You can never go wrong with our mouth-watering pecan tarts! These tarts are the perfect fall dessert and give your guests a variety of options at the table. Enjoy their smooth, sweet, and buttery taste that will have you reaching across the table for another one! They are made as small individual tarts to prevent your family from arguing over who got the larger piece. Although, when dessert is THAT good, we understand why families are so passionate about them!


Apple Strudels

Want to offer your guests a dessert that is unique and strays away from traditional pies or tarts, while still having that fall feel? Get some of our apple strudels today! These warm, doughy pastries are lighter and flakier than pies or tarts, but have all the delicious cinnamon and apple flavours! Serve these strudels hot with some ice cream on the side and watch your guests' eyes widen with excitement! 


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