Juicy and Sweet Summer Desserts

Can you believe it? Summer is almost over! Well, it’s time to harvest some sweet fresh fruit! We’ve turned some of our freshly picked fruits into delicious juicy and sweet summer desserts that you’ll absolutely adore.



Peach Pie

Our Peach Pie is proudly made during the summer when they’re freshly harvested from Ontario Farmers. Every single bite of our Peach Pie explodes with peaches and freshness every time. We make our peach filling with love and ensure that it’s encased in an ultra-flakey crust. We know you’re excited that our peach pie is back this month, and it’s only around for a limited time! Order your Peach Pie today.


Berries Cheesecake

If you love berries, then you’ll definitely love our Berries Cheesecake. Nothing says summer more than fresh berries and cream. We just made berries and cream extra special by turning it into our devious cheesecake. Extra creamy, fruity, and decadent is how we do it at Sweet Boutique!


Strawberry Rhubarb

What better way to send off the summer season than with a barbeque and Strawberry Rhubarb pie? Our Strawberry Rhubarb is lovingly made with sweet strawberries and tart rhubarbs. This pie is the perfect shareable dessert, or you can savour this one on your own under the summer sun.


Blueberry Crostata

Another perfect summer dessert is our Blueberry Crostata! We make our filling fresh in our bakery and we promise you the aroma from these pies is hypnotizing. One moment you’re having your first bite, next thing you know, you’ve finished the crostata. Whether you’re at the beach, at a soccer game, or just lounging at the park, this dessert is perfect for any summer event.


Blueberry Bombe

Our Blueberry Bombe is literally a bomb of flavour! Enjoy a soft and fluffy pastry with a decadent filling made with juicy blueberries. You could just buy one, or buy a dozen, regardless this dessert is perfect to have on your own or to share.


Order Your Desserts Today!

You can’t go wrong with delicious authentic Italian desserts made with fresh fruit. Say goodbye to summer and savour the last few weeks of summer with these desserts.


Order your desserts online and get free shipping with a minimum order of $100 or come give us a visit at 471 Jevlan Drive. Get your desserts today!