Make Your Own Spooky Desserts with The Kids

Boo! Want to hear something spooky? It’s almost Halloween! So get your creepy crawlers, jack-o-lanterns, and spider webs ready for a day of scary fun! Make this Halloween frighteningly delicious with some homemade Halloween desserts with help from the kids and yours truly, Sweet Boutique.


Never made a cake before? No need to fret or fear, we’ve got a wide selection of cake mixes to make baking a cake easy as pie! Each package of our cake mix comes with instructions on how to make your cake. Halloween is all about treats, tricks, and sweets, so in this blog, you’ll find out some tricks to making your Halloween treats.


Zombie Pistachio Coffee Cake

Making this delicious cake is a no-brainer with our Pistachio coffee cake mix, that even a Zombie can make it. Follow the package instructions, but instead of placing the batter in a coffee cake pan, put it in a cake pan. Bake it in the oven for 350ºF for an hour and then let it cool.


While the cake bakes, add green food colouring to either plain vanilla or buttercream icing, and then let it chill in the fridge. When the cake is fully baked, you’ll want to let it cool as well. Once the cake is cooled down, ice your cake with the green buttercream.


After, it’s time to make your Zombie’s face. Place Oreos on the cake for the eyes of your zombie. You’ll then need black licorice to create the zombie’s mouth. Spread strawberry jam close to your zombie’s mouth for that creepy look. As a final touch, add some crushed Oreos around the edges of the cake and voila, a Zombie Pistachio Coffee Cake.


Devious Devil’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Maybe you and the kids prefer something more devious and decadent, that’s why we suggest our Devil’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix! Follow the instructions on the package to create the batter and bake according to the package’s instructions.


While the cake is baking, add red food colouring to either vanilla or buttercream icing. Don’t be afraid to add more drops to create a vibrant spooky red colour. Let the icing set in the fridge while the cake cools after being taken out of the oven.


Once the cake has cooled down, ice the cake with your red icing, then add two Hershey kisses to act as devil horns for the cupcakes. Now you’re left with devious and delicious Devil’s Chocolate Cupcakes to delight your tastesbuds!


Not A Baker? Give Us A Visit!

Not everyone loves to bake, we get it, that’s where we come in! We’ve got a variety of fall themed desserts to sweeten up your Halloween. From our Pumpkin Shortbread cookies, to our Ghastly Ghost Cookies, our Eerie Eye donuts, and our Spine-chilling Skeleton cookies, we’ve got a spooky and sweet selection for you.


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