Rare Halloween Treats that Your Trick-Or-Treaters Will Love

It’s the spooky season again! With Thanksgiving behind us, and Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what treats you’re going to hand out to the little trick-or-treaters that arrive at your door.


Most people buy some simple candy and chocolates from the store, but why not get creative with your treats and give the kids something they really want.

Check out these four unique options from Sweet Boutique that will get your trick-or-treaters excited! You’re sure to be the most popular house on the street!

Spooky Shortbread Cookies


One thing we know for sure is that kids love cookies! Especially creative, spooky ones decorated for Halloween! Just imagine if you were a kid and you got a skeleton shortbread cookie in your treat bag? That would be the highlight of your night! So, make your trick-or-treaters smile this weekend with some fresh from our bakery!

We have a great assortment of Halloween shortbread cookies decorated like ghosts, skeletons, white pumpkins, and carved pumpkins, all for $6 each. These will definitely be a hit!

Scary Eyeball Donuts


Donuts? In a trick or treat bag?!

Yup! Watch as little faces light up with excitement when you tell them they are getting donuts in their treat bags.

These scary donuts are decorated with a chocolate eyeball and some jelly blood for a spoooooky treat. Grab some online or in-person at our bakery in Vaughan for $4 each!

Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes


Kids love cake and cupcakes (and so do adults...and everyone)! So, offer your trick-or-treaters the ultimate desert this Halloween with cupcakes decorated as pumpkins! This one may be a bit messy for the treat bag (unless you give them individually boxed), but they are also great for Halloween gatherings or for your family to enjoy!

Order these fun, festive cupcakes online for $5 each!

Halloween Donut Kit


We have Halloween donut kits at Sweet Boutique! Get your kids to create fun donuts with spooky toppings and decorations, then hand out their creations to your trick-or-treaters! For only $35, you’ll have a fun Halloween activity to do with the kids and great treats to hand out - it’s a win-win!

Learn more about these fun kits by staying tuned to our next blog post!

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