Scary Delicious Sweets for This Halloween

Trick-or-treat! We’ve got something sweet to eat. At Sweet Boutique, we’re sure that Halloween is one of the sweetest times of year with our wide selection of Halloween treats! From spooky cookies to creepy donuts, these sweets are scarily delicious.


Eye Donut

If you’ve got an eye for delicious desserts, we’ve got an eye for you… on a donut! Our Eye Donut is made perfectly fluffy and light, and then topped with white and red icing with an eye chocolate on top. As soon as you make eye contact with this donut, you’ll just know that it’s a delicious treat.


Spooky Cookies

Nothing is more thrilling than a delicious cookie after a long day of Halloween! We’ve got a wide selection of sweet and buttery shortbread cookies to choose from.


Need something a little creepy? We’ve got ghost and skeleton shortbread cookies for an eerie delight. Both cookies are shaped like creepy monsters, but don’t let their scary appearance fool you, they’re actually sweet on the inside.


If you’re someone that loves fall for the pumpkins, we’ve got pumpkin cookies in white and orange. On the other hand, if you love Halloween for the jack-o-lanterns, you’ll enjoy our carved pumpkin shortbread cookies. The white carved pumpkin cookie is topped with Halloween-themed candies while the orange carved pumpkin looks like the jack-o-lantern in front of the house!


Pumpkin Sweets

Since we’re already on the topic of Pumpkins, we also have a decadent pumpkin cupcake for the pumpkin lovers out there. Honestly speaking, we’ve mistaken our cupcakes for real pumpkins with their bright orange icing and green vines! If you love the flavours of pumpkin, you’ll for sure love our pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice donut, and pumpkin tart.  


Order Your Halloween Desserts Today!

Whether you’re treating trick-o-treaters, hosting a Halloween get together, or a huge fan of Halloween, make this Halloween a special one with homemade desserts or sweets from Sweet Boutique!


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