The Best Zeppole Flavours to Indulge in on St. Joseph’s Day

We’re in the midst of zeppole season, with one of the biggest zeppole days of the year just around the corner! That’s right, March 19th is St. Joseph’s Day, a day celebrated by Christians worldwide where families come together to feast, and in Italy, to indulge in zeppole! Are you wondering why this has become a tradition? Well, we discussed it back in January’s blog. You can read it here


In light of St. Joseph’s Day, we’ve decided to fill you in on all of our favourite zeppole flavours found right here at Sweet Boutique! Check them out, then let us know on Instagram @sweetboutiquewb which ones you and your family decide to try! 

Traditional Zeppole

We, of course, have our traditional zeppole, or who would we be! This classic has delicious homemade cream sandwiched between a perfectly crisp dough pastry. Just one bite will take you straight to Italy! 

If traditional zeppole is your favourite, you’re in luck because we have our buy 12 get the 13th zeppole free deal going on right now for our traditional zeppole. When purchasing online, just add 13 traditional zeppole to your cart, and the 13th one will be free at checkout. It’s that easy!

Ricotta Zeppole

Our ricotta zeppole is similar to our traditional zeppole, just with a thicker and tastier filling! The ricotta zeppole is filled with rich, authentic sweet ricotta cream instead of the traditional cream. This ricotta cream is the same cream we stuff our fresh Sicilian cannoli with – so you know it’s the real deal! Ricotta is a delicious substitute for regular pastry cream as it’s thicker and denser, making it similar to icing! You can’t go wrong with a ricotta zeppole!

Nutella Zeppole

Calling all chocolate and Nutella lovers! We’ve got the perfect zeppole for those who crave the delicious chocolatey flavours of Nutella. Each Nutella zeppole is filled with a rich Nutella-infused cream. It’s our chocolate twist on our traditional!

Ferrero Rocher Zeppole

You didn’t think we’d only give one chocolate-flavoured zeppole to our chocolate lovers out there, did you? That’s why we also have our premium Ferrero Rocher zeppole filled with a Ferrero Rocher-flavoured chocolate cream and topped with freshly chopped hazelnuts. Now, this zeppole is what dreams are made of!

Strawberry Zeppole

Not a big fan of chocolate and prefer something fruitier? Our strawberry zeppole is the one for you then! We use only the freshest strawberries from Zito’s Marketplace in Toronto, blending them to create a fresh strawberry filling! We layer it with some of our traditional custard as well and top with a fresh strawberry for the most mouth-watering zeppole. This one has become a favourite on St. Joseph’s Day!

Pistachio Zeppole

Here at Sweet Boutique, we love the delicious flavours of pistachio, especially when it's infused into our zeppole cream! Because pistachios have a rich, buttery flavour, they are fantastic for baking! Our pistachio zeppole is made with real pistachios that are blended and folded into our zeppole cream. Then, we top it with freshly chopped pistachio nuts for that delicious crunch!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Zeppole

Our most unique zeppole yet! We took the classic PB&J sandwich and turned it into a zeppole! This perfectly sweet and salty zeppole is the ideal breakfast substitute on St. Joseph’s Day! We use real peanuts to make our peanut butter zeppole cream then, we pair it with the delicious homemade strawberry jam that we use in our strawberry zeppole. This one is worth a try – it might even become your favourite flavour!

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