The Christmas Tradition of the Panettone

Every holiday season, we’re ready to serve you with our wide selection of delectable and decadent Panettone! All throughout the holiday season, Panettone is the perfect treat to share with friends and family or to have for yourself. Whether you consider this a cake or a sweet bread, this Italian delight is available at Sweet Boutique this holiday season.


A Star-crossed Beginning

Prepared with candied fruit and raisins, Panettone is an Italian dessert traditionally served around Christmas time. The origins of why Panettone is served during the holidays is debated by many. But, one of the most popular theories of how the Panettone came to be began with a chef’s assistant named Toni.

As with many legendary stories, there’s a twist to the origin of Panettone. On Christmas Eve, the Duke of Milano hosted a feast for his royal court. On the other hand, the Duke’s head pastry chef, was involved in an affair with a nobleman’s wife. Distracted by a romantic moment with the woman, the head chef did not notice his dessert had begun to smoke and eventually burn to a crisp.

By the time it was time for dessert, a young boy named Toni had interrupted the lovers to alert the head pastry chef of the Duke’s demand for the final course. The head pastry chef was in a panic while Toni took action. Toni took the remaining cured dough, added candied citrus and raisins to it. He thew it in the oven and once it was fully cooked, the pastry chef brought the dessert to the Duke and his court. The Duke praised the pastry chef for the dessert but, the chef admitted that it was the pane di toni (Toni’s Bread) and eventually become what we know as today, Panettone.

Holiday Servings

Native to Milan, the Panettone is served around the holiday season and enjoyed across the globe! Panettone is served either on its own or eaten with complimentary pairings. For example, panettone is sometimes served with fresh berries, melted dark chocolate, or slathered in sweet spreads. It also goes great with hot chocolate, ice cream, or eggnog.

At Sweet Boutique, we have Traditional Panettone and Gluten-Free Panettone for a limited time to enjoy for the holiday season. If you want to do it how the Milanese do it, save a slice for February 3 in honour of San Biangio!

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