The Perfect Treats for End of Summer

Discover our wide variety of treats to end the summer with. Trust us - you’ll want to get your hands on some of these! 


With sweater weather quickly approaching, most of us may already have warm hot chocolate on the brain. But summer isn’t over yet! So, tuck away the scarves for a little longer and come by Sweet Boutique for some delicious summer treats that will bring Summer 2021 to the perfect close. 


Keep reading to discover our wide variety of treats to end the summer with. Trust us - you’ll want to get your hands on some of these! 


Peach Pie


The perfect way to end the season! Our homemade peach pies are to die for, made with fresh and juicy peaches with a flakey crust laid on top. We take extra care with our peach pies to make sure your taste buds dance with every bite. These bad boys are available for a limited time only, so grab yours, hot and ready, today!


Apple Pie


The end of summer is apple season - who doesn’t grab an apple pie around this time? If you don’t, you’re highly missing out on one of the best desserts around! Our apple pies have the freshest, warmest, and most delicious apples glazed in a sweet, cinnamon filling, all inside a flakey, butter crust – doesn’t that sound like a dream? When you come by Sweet Boutique, notice the beautiful cinnamon aroma that takes over the store this time of year.


Blueberry Crostata


An Italian favourite, our blueberry crostata is what summer dreams are made of! Our crostata is filled with only the freshest blueberries, becoming a sweet fruity jam that tastes too good to be true. If you’ve never tried a crostata, this is the one taste!


Berries Cheesecake


Nothing beats a classic cheesecake with fresh berries on top during the summer - our mouths are watering just thinking about this tasty tart! We add quality whipped cream and only the freshest fruit to this classic dessert to make it extra special. This one certainly won’t disappoint!


Strawberry Naked Cake


Ah, strawberries…the fruit of summer! We add plenty on top of our delicious strawberry naked cake, so it’s safe to say this dessert screams summer. Enjoy layers of sfoglia and vanilla cream with an abundance of sweet strawberries. You can even add whipped cream on top for an extra $5!


Order Online or in Store Today!


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