Unexpected Thanksgiving Desserts to Satisfy Everyone’s Cravings

I know it might be hard to believe, but not everyone is a fan of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon flavours or pie. Sadly, these people usually have to miss out on dessert around Thanksgiving, but with these unexpected desserts from Sweet Boutique, everyone’s tastebuds will be jumping for joy!





Donuts and Cupcakes


Donuts and cupcakes are perfect alternatives that can be decorated for any holiday! Here at Sweet Boutique, we offer Thanksgiving styled donuts and cupcakes dressed like turkeys, pumpkins, and more! We made these for people who aren’t fond of typical fall desserts but still want to feel festive. These fun decorative desserts will fill the table with smiles this Thanksgiving. Pick some up today!


Nutella Crostata

This one is for all the chocolate lovers out there who wish chocolate could be a fall flavour! If you have a family member that can’t go without their chocolate fix this Thanksgiving, then grab one of our best-selling Nutella Crostatas! It’s a chocolate-filled Italian dessert mixed between a pie and a tart. If it resembles a pie, that makes it festive right? Either way, once you put this on the table, everyone will be scarfing it down! 



Mmm, there’s nothing like a warm croissant enjoyed any time of the year! Sweet Boutique offers chocolate, almond, cream, strawberry cheese, and plain croissants for people who want a flakey type of pastry with unique and simple flavours. For the people out there who don’t like sweets (how could you not?!), our plain croissants are the perfect meal enders. Even our cream and almond croissants aren't too sweet and have a savory quality. Show up to Thanksgiving dinner with these croissants, and everyone will be pleasantly surprised!


Peach Pie

Do you like pie, but aren’t too fond of the typical pumpkin or apple pies? Instead of always skipping dessert or eating something you can't stand, grab one of our fantastic seasonal Peach Pies! Made with fresh peaches that will make any mouth water, this pie is sure to be a hit! Since we’re in for a warm and sunny Thanksgiving weekend, why not bring back those summer vibes with a Peach Pie from Sweet Boutique!


Get Our Thanksgiving Tray Today! 

Can't decide on one dessert for Thanksgiving? No need to worry! You can get a variety of our delicious traditional and non-traditional desserts with our Thanksgiving tray! It comes with one apple pie, four pumpkin tarts, four festive cupcakes, and four festive donuts.


Order Online or in Store!

Come and visit our store in Woodbridge or order online to get any of these desserts in time for Thanksgiving! We are open all long weekend and provide fast and free shipping for your convenience! 

We hope you have a safe and tasty Thanksgiving!

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