What Desserts To Pair With Your Coffee


Nothing is more satisfying than a hot beverage on a cold day. Whether you prefer a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee, we matched our favourite coffee drinks with our wide selection of desserts. Keep on reading to find out what pairs well with your favourite cup of Joe.



Whether you like your coffee like a double-double or black, one of our favourite desserts to pair with a cup of coffee is a slice of our 8” Tiramisu. Its sweet and fluffy mascarpone and the melt-in-your-mouth ladyfingers balances the bold bitter flavours of coffee.


For freshly brewed coffee, we suggest desserts that are rich, sweet, and decadent like Chocolate Dipped Figs, Nutella Crostata, and Strawberry Cheesecake.



Maybe you prefer a cappuccino with its airy and frothy milk foam. The feathery texture of the cappuccino, call for a crunchy treat like biscotti. At Sweet Boutique, we have different variations of biscotti to suit your tastebuds.


From plain, chocolate chip, marble, cherry, and lemon, we’re sure each flavour will pair well with a cappuccino. The contrasting textures of the cappuccino and the biscotti blends well together and is perfect for an elevated mid-day snack.



Do you prefer a drink that’s milkier and smoother like a Latte? Lattes are made with a shot of espresso and then milk is steamed under hot air to give the latte a velvety texture. Sometimes flavour syrups are added to a latte to create a unique and decadent taste. With its overall flavour profile and texture, we suggest that you pair your latte with one of our buttery and flakey pastries.


Whether you choose our croissants or amaretti cookies, a pastry with a buttery profile complement lattes for a delicious and tasty experience.



Prefer something a little bolder? A shot of espresso is strong, bold, and simple. In Italy, you can never go wrong with a cup of caffé. Pair your espresso with something sweet and decadent like our Hazelnut Bigne, shortbread cookies, walnut cookies, or if you’re feeling festive, our pignollata!


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