Christmas Desserts: Pandoro or Panettone?

Buon Natale! Christmas is around the corner and we’re looking forward to a holiday season filled with fun, joy, and of course, food!  It’s that time of year filled with abundance and if you ever visit an Italian household for Christmas, just know that you’ll be eating a delicious multiple course feast. The proper way to end off an Italian Christmas Dinner is with il dolce!


Are you team Panettone or team Pandoro? Both desserts are traditionally served around Christmas and given as gifts. Regardless of which one is your favourite, they’re both iconic pieces of Christmas that they are a necessity for the holidays!



At Sweet Boutique, we offer three different flavours of Pandoro, including: Traditional, Chocolate, and Lemon. Known as the “golden bread” Pandoro is a sweet and fluffy cake topped with lots of powdered sugar. This decadent and rich dessert comes from the city of Verona and modeled after the city’s surrounding mountains. It’s made with flour, eggs, butter, sourdough, vanilla, and salt. It’s also baked to create an 8-pointed star shape which makes it the perfect dessert for the holidays!


Check out how Anthony prepares his pandoro with icing sugar for serving in this video!



Panettone is a delicious sweet bread with tons of history! We offer this delicious dessert in both traditional and gluten-free options. Panettone was first created in Milan but no one truly knows the origin story of Panettone.


This light and decadent Christmas bread is flavourful and aromatic with raisins, as well as candied and dried fruit in every bite. Cylindrical with a domed top, and made with flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, you can’t go wrong with this sweet bread!


Treats for After Christmas

Chances are, you may have some leftover Panettone or Pandoro after the Christmas weekend, but these desserts can easily be transformed into something even more delicious! You can dip it in egg and turn it into French toast or make an exquisite tiramisu.


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