The Most Appetizing Corporate Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Not too sure what to give your employees or clients this year for the holidays? Well, look no further because here at Sweet Boutique, we offer the tastiest gift bundles that everyone and anyone is guaranteed to enjoy!


Check out these tasty corporate gifts we offer for the 2021 holiday season!


Gourmet Cookie Trays


Give the gift of authentic Italian cookies, homemade and baked to perfection! The best part of our gourmet cookie trays is they come in a variety of sizes from 1 to 9 pounds, which means you can send them to small or large clients alike!


What’s Included: 


An assortment of gourmet cookies that you can’t find anywhere else is included in these trays! Some of the honourable mentions are our almond amaretti cookies, walnut cookies, chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies, halfmoon cookies, crest cookies, caramel cookies, biscotti, baci cookies, bocconotti, angioletti, Nutella pastries, Sambuca cookies, and so many more!


Check out our recent blog to learn more about these gourmet cookie trays! 


Chiacchiere Holiday Tray


Gift your employees or clients with a whole tray full of delicious fried-dough pastries! Each one is fried to perfection and topped with powdered sugar. You can’t go wrong with these Italian fried pastry treats – trust us, they’re always a hit! 


Did you know that the literal translation for Chiacchiere is “little gossips,” meaning they will surely be the talk of the office once you gift your employees with these trays!


Gourmet Holiday Tray


If you’re looking for a unique tray that will really wow your recipients, then try our Gourmet Holiday Tray! This is a tray like no other, and we’re sure your guests have never seen anything like it, making it feel more personal! 


What’s included: 


Each tray includes St. Martini cookies, chocolate-dipped figs, stuffed figs, frappette, nocatoli, and pignolata. Now, this is an Italian tray that everyone can enjoy!


Cannoli Boxes


Our Italian cannoli boxes are perfect for the holiday season. Not like the typical cannoli you see in the stores today, ours are made with authentic Sicilian shells, filled with ricotta cream, and handmade to perfection! Your employees and clients are sure to feel extra special with this authentic gift!


What’s Included:


A variety of 24 small or 12 medium plain, chocolate-dipped, and pistachio cannoli.


Panettone & Pandoro Boxes


Gift your clients with the official Christmas Cake of Italy! Perfect for the holidays, our panettone and pandoro's are soft, moist, and bursting with delicious flavours! Choose from our original panettone filled with fruity flavour, or choose one of our pandoro flavours for an extra sweet treat! 


We have traditional, chocolate-filled, or lemon-filled pandoro available. Our pandoro is a great gift because they arrive in a beautiful, decorative box with powdered sugar on the side. Your clients then use the bag available and shake their pandoro with the sugar to complete their treat – how fun!


What’s included:


The box includes the panettone or pandoro of your choice, a clear bag, powdered sugar (only for pandoro) inside a decorative Italian Sweet Boutique box.


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